Discover Freeview

Freeview is becoming one of the most popular TV mediums in the UK. No dish is required and it’s one of the quickest platforms to install. Freeview offers scores of television channels and radio stations, all without a subscription. We also offer Freeview Plus™, and this is one of the best free-from-subscription TV channels available.

Freeview Plus

This platform allows you to record, rewind, pause, and even fast forward live TV. So, if you have an unexpected visitor you’ll never miss your favourite programme ever again. Simply press the record button; no video or DVD disc required!

Aerial Expertise

Our engineers advise you on the best aerial based on the location of your property and where the aerial is sited. This is to ensure that you have the best reception and picture quality.

All services and installations are fully guaranteed and covered by our Public Liability Insurance. This is to provide you with added peace of mind that both you and your property are completely covered.

Aerials We Offer

We supply a full range of quality TV aerials, including CAI-benchmarked aerials from established suppliers such as Vision UK. We’re able to install roof aerials for Freeview reception or high-quality loft aerials if your property requires an internal TV aerial.

For further information on our aerial installation services, call Peter, in Salisbury.

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