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Very few homes in the local area have just one television. The Loftbox system, offered by our expert team, seeks to make the situation of many into something much more straightforward. Normally located in the loft, this system combines TV signals and them to boxes around the house. By doing this, we’re able to offer the same feed to every TV in the home.

How It Works

The Loftbox takes in signals from analogue, digital (Freeview), FM, DAB, CCTV, and satellite, feeding it into one coaxial cable. This is then sent to a Triplexer wall plate in the living room. Once this connection is made, our box takes the return feed, typically from the UHF2 output from a Sky Digibox. Each TV connected is then able to switch between all of the channels available in the living room. 

While this may sound complicated, a full explanation and demonstration are given, and we ensure that you have it all worked out before leaving.

Once installed, you typically have access to:

BBC – ITV – Channel 4 – Channel 5 – Digital TV (Freeview) – Sky TV – FM Stereo Channels – DAB Channels – CCTV Channels (if Required)

Call Peter, in Salisbury, to enquire further about our aerial installation services.

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